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Polka Dot Enjoy Life-08

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Why Rahil Hesan ?

Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.


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I am Pooyeh.
When I found out that this mass of my body was a guest, it was the peak days of my work and I was working and exercising, and the only thing I did not think was sick. For me, who loves beauty and has always been engaged in beauty work, my body and health were important, and in the past few years I had lost 16 kilos of weight and exercised. I loved the routine of my hair life and moved forward vigorously until I noticed a firm lump in my chest. My job is beauty, I studied architecture at university, but I always loved the hairdressing environment and beauty work, and that's it, I was a successful girl at work that day.
I hurried to the doctor and
I was confronted with reality, it was very scary and strange... My first reaction was crying, I was crying and I did not understand what I was most afraid of? From a disease that I have no control over or from treatment? From chemotherapy or cancer? Longevity or side effects of treatment? I was confused for a few days and thought these moments were not real. I thought I was imagining. I had lost

myself and I was overwhelmed by fear, I went to different doctors' offices to hear something new, but the diagnosis was the same and there was no escape. I had to have surgery, I still did not know if my chest air would be emptied or if my breast tissue could be preserved. The day before the operation, I noticed that I was taking a corona. And all this was postponed and I was not operated on and I had to be quarantined. The days of quarantine and coronation were very strange. It was a forced opportunity to think and be alone, and these days I found myself again and I wanted to be strong and fight. I realized that my body was strong and fighting the corona, so I should not underestimate and I should show myself that I can. Not only for myself but also for my sisters, for my mother, and for all my friends and loved ones, and for life. It's sweet for life and puts everyone in a difficult situation. So this time it was me who wanted to get well and go ahead and fight for my life. Today I am in the middle of treatment, the surgery ended well and I became an older girl. I am someone who fights for the health and sweetness of life and I know this is a difficult path but I can. I love life and health.
And I know that today I am more beautiful than ever without hair and in treatment.


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Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.