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About us

About us

Rahil Hesan is delighted to announce the brand’s expansion across new areas of the retail fashion industry. The fashion brand has been established since 2005. A Dubai-based designer that is passionately driven in the industry offering an eloquent selection of bride gowns pre-a- porter and Couture women’s wear to a clientele of high net worth individuals.

Warda Haute Couture by Rahil Hesan was her first fashion house. A brand representing the new classification, the classy and elegant, offers rich Couture, Pret-a-Porter, and Bridal gowns. It’s substitute with quality, style, and designs. The brand can be restricted as glamorous, classic, and elegant for a woman of discriminating taste, who is looking and willing to survive to be different, unique, bold yet classy. The brand’s philosophy is to create timeless designs, each a masterpiece with meticulous detailing and finishing. It is contemporary panache transforms according to the modern gown that retains the quality of mature refinement.

In 2005 - a Young designer Rahil Hesan launched the Warda Haute Couture atelier in Zabeel Road. The brand presented a classy, timeless, and innovative mix of Eastern flair and European simplicity design. The brand soon earned its reputation and gained high-profile clientele across the GCC. In April 2005, she was invited to showcase her collection at the Dubai Bridal show. This occasion signaled a debut career in fashion in a spectacular exhibition that highlighted its distinctive style. It is a prêt-a-porter signature style that is relaxed elegance.

In January 2009 - she launched Warda’s branch in the Jumeirah Al Wasl Road. In May 2010 - she found the Couture collection in Spring/Summer at Dubai Fashion Week, a move that catapulted Rahil Hesan’s status even further in the growing fashion industry.
These designs also have adorned the international red carpet; her dazzling gowns are sought after and worn by Hollywood celebrities; Sofia Milos at the Monte Carlo TV Award Jun-2010; Gemma White for the Cannes Film Festival and Samantha Gutstadt & Eva Longoria for the Emmy Awards 2010. She was nominated for the youngest Emirati designer in 2012.

On September 9th, 2014, Warda Haute Couture showcased their exquisite crafted collection for spring-summer 2015. The internationally recognized fashion empire had the honor to reveal current inspirations at the world’s essential fashion runway- NYC FASHION WEEK. Exhilarating and electric, the NEW YORK CITY FASHION WEEK is home to aspiring, edgy design and incubators to some of the groundbreaking fashion revolutions to date.

Over the nine years of building Warda Couture, Rahil realizes the almost every moment of life is full of amazement.
Warda Couture provides a solid base to survive and conquer the disease at the first diagnosis and treatment with steadfast faith. She is confident that her brand will motivate her to see it in the next phase of fruition. Her team is devotional, supportive, and wonderfully talented and has been side by side since the beginning of the brand. Before discovering the illness of cancer, she is determined to leave this world someday with the legacy of Warda Couture. She is courageous of challenges because she trusts that life without challenges is not fun. She has confidence in things happen for a motive, give more, and expect less. Although from the beginning of her career she was involved in charities, whether with syndrome kids, orphans, or cancer survivors, her feelings during the journey of cancer made her closer to them, right after she decided to be part of any charity campaign seriously, which she’s not going to stop that.

She has hopes to ensure many others by turning this negative experience into a positive outcome. She has decided to reroute Warda Couture into mainstream retail as she will not be able to provide the personalized service as before to a widespread list of clients. Now its brand is heading towards celebrating its tenth anniversary in 2015. Rahil has decided that her ten years of experience and the creativity to building a famous couture design brand thus have been successful in the goal. After six months breaking, Rahil Hesan comes back to the fashion industry with a new name for her brand (Rahil Hesan ). Over six months, her achievements made her come back with a huge fashion show in April 2015, introducing her new brand in this fashion show. After these celebrities, they started wearing for.

* Sulafa member
* Qusai Khouli
* Sara bi Kannan
* She got amazing feedback and more celebrities started dressing from her like Asala for her concert I.
* Qatar and Arab tv and Zahrat Khaleej magazine cover
* Nadine Labaki for the Swiss film festival
* Famous Swedish singer: Molly Sanden
* Famous singer Gloria trevi
* Former Miss Nigeria Sylviana Duku
* Miss Universe of Canada 2015 Pola Nunez
* Famous tv host Victoria Lopyreva


Actress Dalida Khalil September 2015 she attended the Paris fashion show for fashion tv March 2016 she was chosen as one of the Ahlan Hot 100. In 2016, Rahil was much in demand and subsequently has dressed internationally known celebrities from Bollywood to Hollywood. exclusively designing and working for singer Carrie Underwood for her tour of America. On OCT 2016 - She joined Los Angeles Fashion Week full/Winner 2017, dressing American star Maria Valentino in her showstopper to huge acclaim.
In June 2019 she launched her collection, Miss Lili for Ramadan but tragedy struck when she lost her father. After a break, she introduced her new collection, La Soie.
December 2020 saw her launch her unique T-shirt line and she was the first designer in Dubai to create Couture Customized face-masks during the pandemic. Now she is back with a new gorgeous ready-to-wear collection.

Her most important personal achievements, apart from seeing impressive success in her RH brand, are overcoming illness and becoming a mother.

About Rahil Hesan

Witty, whimsical, and charming, Rahil Hessan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene fashion sense into her designs. Rahil Hesan completed her studies at Cavendish College, London majoring in Fashion Design, Accessory Designs, Textile, Colour Theory, and Fashion Psychology. Born and raised in Dubai, UAE, Rahil is known for her meticulous detailing and clean finishing. Her perfection in luxury is never ostentatious, but rather a strong yet discreet appeal, from the impalpable delicateness of black, white, red to fuchsia. Her collection is the totality of her persona, her angst, her glamour her feelings, and her style. Rahil Hesan is involved throughout the creative process from sketching to fabric selection, cutting to embroidery, embellishments to finish. She designs her wardrobe, from clothes to accessories creating her signature style.