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Return Policy

Return Policy

Items returns and exchanges will only be accepted if the items are in brand-new condition and without any damage to the items or their packaging.

  1. To avoid damage, Items should only be tried on carpeted surfaces.
  2. Any items returned with scuffing’s, scratches, dents, any types of damage and visible signs of wear will not be accepted and will be returned to the customer with a rejected returned request.
  3. The items should be unworn and include all original tags and packaging acceptable.
  4. Place the shoes in the original shoe box and ship the Item box back in a separate shipping box (either the original shipping box the shoes came in or a shipping box with no other exposed labels).  Placing the shipping label on the Items box will result in a rejection of refund.
  5. Refunds are applied via the original payment method within 10 business.
  6. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate any expedited shipping fees added to your original order