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Polka Dot Enjoy Life-07

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Why Rahil Hesan ?

Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.


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I am Masoumeh Ataie who was born in 1982 in Isfahan.  After graduating with a Diploma degree in graphics. At the age of 20, without any acquaintance, I got married with Reza, who was 19 years old, in a completely traditional way.

The lack of understanding, cultural differences, and ideas from a few months after marriage showed itself completely.  Our arguments were violent all time and caused me to be brutally beaten, but the elders and those around me prevented our separation by any means.

When I was 23 years old, I realized that I was pregnant. I found a new hope that maybe things will be different with the presence of my son, Arian. But I was wrong!
My ex-spouse, who was ensured that I was adhered to our lifeand had to endure everything for the sake of the child, was even openly betraying me; and I was silent due to not being beaten.  My only happiness was the presence of my son.  

Two years had passed since my son’s birth, and we were living under one roof just like roommates who did not even have a word to say. One day we had a terrible fight and since I could no longer bear to be beaten, I punched the window’s glass of the room and hurt myself to stop my ex-spouse beating me.  That day, I made my decision to leave the house, go to court toenforce the law for my dowry. Because my purpose was to put pressure on my ex-husband causing him to divorce me. Reza went to prison; this situation was not tolerable for his father. So, he came to me for help, and I asked him to convince Reza forsigning the divorce agreement then I spare the dowry.  Finally, we got divorced and according to the law, my son should have stayed with me until the age of 8, and his father had the right to visit him once every two weeks.   

I started to rebuild my life. I worked in a painting educational institution and took hairdressing courses also.  After a few months, I was able to open my hair salon. Gradually, the situation got better, and I felt peaceful and free.

Reza did not come to see his son except for a couple of times.  One day, Reza's father called me and said that he would like to see his grandson. I did not refuse. There were times that I would take my son to a park to spend time with his grandfather, and sometimes he would buy gifts for Arian.  This process lasted for six months, and my ex-father-in-law sometimes advised me to give Reza one more chance and return him; but when he saw my opposition, he was silent. I had heard from people that Reza was very addicted to drugs and my father-in-law believed that it was because of me not being his life. This why my ex-father-in-lawtold me that if I accept returning to Reza’s life, the situation would be better, and he promised me a house and a car.  But I was not willing to go back to that hellish life at any cost.

One day, like the other times, my ex-father-in-law called us to go out or to a park to see his grandson.  We spent a great time together and he drove us at my father’s house at night. When we got at my father’s house, my son was asleep in the car, so I got off the car to take my son inside. While Arian’s grandfather was opening the trunk, he said I bought a gift for Arian.” I told him to “let me take my son to bed, I will come back to get his gift.”When I returned, my father-in-law was opening the gift box, he told me “Close your eyes to show you what I bought for my grandson, it’s a surprise!  

When I closed my eyes, something was sprinkled on my face, a thick, viscous substance that burned my face, which was getting hotter and hotter every moment. I was screaming “I’m burning, I’m burning, and I could not even open my eyes.  But I heardhis car brakes and driving away quickly. I was in a devastated situation hitting myself to the doors and walls, screaming and looking for water.

My parents woke up to the sound of my screams and rushed to the yard. Coming to the yard when my father saw me, he held me tightly and when he saw that my clothes were falling apart, he shouted “It’s acid, acid!”  They tried to rinse me with water,but each acid dripping on my hands left a burn mark. Eventually, they took me to the hospital.

My ex-father-in-law was arrested and sent to prison. My face, my eyes and my hands were severely burned. I was involved with treating process and multiple surgery operations over and over. In meanwhile, my father-in-law came out of prison on bail, and I was full of despair, fear, and panic all over me. But because of my son, I did not want to give up. I had to stay strong and endure any pain along the way.


I asked for retribution from the court. Three years after the acid attack, when I had found better conditions, I decided to start my life all over again. I entered in the blind institution, received various trainings, and participated in different classes.  On the other hand, the process of my treatments and the process of retribution were ongoing. After four years, I was able to get the retribution sentence against my father-in-law. But my ex-husband’s family involved me in another case because they wanted to get the custody of my son to his father since Arian was 8 years old. With the use of this case and their constant threats, I had to give up my rights so that I could have custody of my son. Therefore, both cases were closed, and I stayed there for my son along with the circumstances ahead. Thankfully, with the help and support of people, I lived in peace with my son, operated some surgeries, and tried to learn more every day.

Gradually, I became independent, I learned pottery and held various exhibitions.

I taught the blind, joined the choir, and played in the theater for the blind.  

I believe that women or men like me should fight with the goal of acid attackers that is to compel the acid victims feel less confident and less worthy causing them to stay at home and stay away from society. I had various social activities such asprotesting the law's violation of this crime as well as changingsociety's view of acid victims. I started modeling so that society would get used to seeing different faces and presenting my capabilities as an acid victim.



All these years, my son's support and existence was a strong motivation for me to be resilient and move forward. Currently, my only wish is to see my son who I have touched all these 12 years growing up. Since there is a new hope to see my son Arianagain, I have put all my effort and energy into achieving this new surgery.


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Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.