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Polka Dot Enjoy Life-05

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Why Rahil Hesan ?

Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.


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           Cancer Is My Story 


I want to share my journey through cancer to show another woman that life will always throw curveballs but what truly matters is you fight through it! Things will get better sooner or later.


September 2009; I visited my mom and my sister in Iran, it was during the Holy month of Ramadan. I could never forget that day, I had some visitors coming over for Iftar, and I rushed to take a shower where I noticed my breast changed the appearance skin and felt something’s wrong since I always used to be curious about breast cancer. Hence, I read many articles and the awareness, so I doubted I might be optimistic. I took an appointment with the best oncologist, and the results were positive, and to be honest, that’s the time I understood the real meaning of shock. 

Among my family members, there were cancer survivors, but their cases were completely different than mine. They get cured of breast cancer and back to their normal lifestyle but in my case was different. I had to start my chemistry a month before my surgery so they could control the tumor. The breast cancer treatment depends on your breast cancer type, stage, size, sensitivity to hormones, and general health status during diagnosis. In general, there are several treatment options to be used and combined. In my case, which was the worst one, they had to cut my breast, and at that age, it was not easy for me to accept that I became hopeless and depressed. I didn’t want to do anything to get cured and go through the treatment to suffer, I just wanted to live the last days of my life with peace, but my family was so supportive, and they pushed me to start treatment. I accepted the treatment only because of my children and family and got cured of breast cancer. 


But that was not the end of my story with cancer; In June 2016, my disease metastasized to my bones, joints, and lungs. 


After the metastasis, my Dr said there was no treatment for you in the Middle East; so in Oct 2016, I had to fly to Germany ( Frankfurt), and after lots of examination and tests, the Dr said that now my disease is not curable but just controllable.

The medicines prescribed for me were a combination set of tablets to be used daily (lifetime) and extremely expensive to afford; I could not even provide them for one month.


 In the following month, I came back to Dubai and started taking my medicine, but I owe my life to the UAE Government and benefactors for providing my medical and treatment. But unfortunately, these medicines have side effects; they cause hair loss, dry skin, low immunity, and all other suffers every cancer patient goes through. I feel so blessed to have a loving husband that in every step of my life, never leaves me alone; he doesn’t care how do I look and never complains about the situation that I’m going through. He's very supportive.


Cancer though me a lot, I’m thankful for this day. I’m here, breathing and living life. Even if it's not the life I want or hoped for, it's life. There's always something to be thankful for. I don't look back. I’m not going that way. I don’t waste my time worrying about the things that I cannot control, such as the past. I keep moving forward.



About Me, 


 I’m the youngest one in the family, I have three brothers and two sisters older than me, and there’s a massive gap between me and my singing. I was four years old when my father passed away. I’m always craving for the love of father and daughter, whole childhood, being in a large family and not having my dad around was emotionally hard on me. Although my brothers never made any difference between their children and me, I think the father and daughter relationship is different. You can’t compare. 


 In March 1999, I got married was I was 20 years old, and my first Son was born in December 2020; 6 years later, I got pregnant and had my twin boy. 

I was always busy with the housework and raising my kids, and taken care of them, I’m very friendly, and I love hanging out with families. My purity is always to provide my husband and my children confirm and peace at home. All I wish is their happiness and success. 

For more information please contact 👇🏻 

 +971 50 425 0260 

Witty, whimsical and charming, Rahil Hesan reflects her chic style, vibrant and serene knowing fashion by heart and is living it.